Buy a Fine Art Print. Buy a Business.

Fine art prints you purchase from ShareGallery are a business. Art you buy for your business is currently a cost center. ShareGallery’s turn-key system turns that cost center into a profit center. Simply hang your ShareGallery print at your place of business along with the provided QR code tags and enjoy passive income when your customers see, scan, and purchase a print for themselves, earning you 30% of the sale.

Apply to be a Test Location

ShareGallery is a turn-key passive income opportunity

ShareGallery art you display at your business lets your customers see in person and order prints for themselves using their phones — turning your once idle walls into a new passive revenue opportunity. ShareGallery handles the drop shipping and the payment so you can focus on your business.

Log in and monitor sales performance

Once you purchase ShareGallery prints, you will have the opportunity to apply to become a ShareGallery Seller Location. You’ll be able to log in and monitor sales attributed to each print wherever you display it. Note that we are still in beta and cannot support all locations initially.