Buy a Fine Art Print. Buy a Business.

Fine art prints you purchase from ShareGallery are a business. Art you buy for your business is currently a cost center. ShareGallery’s turn-key system turns that cost center into a profit center. Simply hang your ShareGallery print at your place of business along with the provided QR code tags and enjoy passive income when your customers see, scan, and purchase a print for themselves, earning you 30% of the sale.

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Sell fine art prints of your work to a global audience

The ShareGallery platform turns idle walls into new gallery spaces all over the world. By registering a ShareGallery account and uploading print-ready images of your work, you can start selling to new buyers—who are eager to actively sell your art once they purchase it because they, along with you, can share in the ongoing sales of your work.

We have partnered with a world class fine art facility that has worldwide print and drop-ship capabilities so you can focus on being creative.

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