Inspire – A Celebration of Woman in Wine


PRE ORDER Limited Edition of 20 NFTs Commemorating the “Reveal” Event April 7, 2022
Mario Chiodo NFT and 21.5″ Tokenframe™ NFT Display

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Mario Chiodo

About the Artist
As destiny would have it, Mario Chiodo was sculpting mud he dug from the yard as a small boy. Born to Italian parents, family visits to Italy only fueled his desire. He has vivid memories of Michaelangelo’s Pieta and The Four Slaves emerging from stone, works that impressed upon him dynamic gesture and the depth of emotion possible in sculpture. Chiodo was fortunate to be pulled from traditional middle school and sent to a hybrid school for the arts where he flourished.

Discovered as a young man sculpting likenesses, Chiodo has been a professional sculptor involved in massive creative projects, private or public commissions, and epic monuments over the last 35 years.

Chiodo has created his own series of Fine Art editions which explore the theatre of humanity including the mythology that lives in a cultural mindset, such as the evocative Four Seasons inspired by Napa Valley.
A master storyteller, his artwork transcends mere visual facts and reveals the inner soul, thoughts and emotion of his subjects.

Mario Chiodo is available for commissions and speaking engagements.

Learn more about Mario:

Limited Edition of 20 NFTs + 21.5″ Tokenframe™ NFT Display

ShareGallery and Mario Chiodo will be minting 20 NFTs Celebrating Women in Wine. This exclusive package commemorates the evening “Reveal” event on April 7, 2022, and includes a state-of-the-art NFT digital art display frame.

About Tokenframe™

Plug-in the Tokenframe, connect it to WiFi, access your wallet, and cast your NFT. It’s really that simple.

Connect multiple Tokenframes throughout your home and become the curator of your own personal NFT gallery.

Access your NFT Gallery by signing in via Metamask and 50+ other wallets which are all integrated into our app. Also compatible with ledger or trezor via Metamask extension on a PC.

Access your NFT Gallery by signing in via Metamask and 50+ other wallets which are all integrated into our app. Also compatible with ledger or trezor via Metamask extension on a PC.

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