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Open Edition Canvas Prints:
All products arrive ready to hang.

$130 16×16 unframed | $210 16×16 framed
$175 20×20 unframed | $285 20×20 framed
$210 24×24 unframed | $300 24×24 framed

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Buy a Print. Buy a Business.

When you buy a ShareGallery print, you are buying a mini business that can turn your walls into a revenue sharing opportunity. Or, you can simply enjoy the art at home. The choice is yours.

Display art. Share in the revenue.

ShareGallery art you display at your business lets your customers see in person and order prints for themselves right from their phones—earning you 30% of each sale. We handle all fulfillment for hassle-free passive income.

Verify the authenticity of your print

Each ShareGallery print includes a discreet LuxVerity seal containing a microchip that authenticates ownership with a digital Certificate of Authenticity™. Simply hover your smart phone over the NFC-activated seal.

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The LuxVerity seal unlocks the Digital Docent™ experience at home or at your place of business. Hover your smart phone over the seal area to access rich content about the artist and their work.

Scott Janicek

About the Artist
Art is a tool that helps me better understand the world and my place in it.

By exploring different ideas, styles, themes, and subject matter, I am able to learn and grow as a person and artist. Many of these ideas come from other artists, places I have lived, or simply challenging myself to be a better artist.

I approach every piece as an experiment, or as series of prototypes. What can I learn? How can I try something new? Did that work? Each piece is a collection of these tests — a story unfolding and evolving.

This continuous exploration has produced (and will continue to produce) a schizophrenic portfolio of work — but that’s what I find most interesting. I’m not the artist who will sit down and recreate the same abstract work using an acrylic pouring technique, or stick to say, just photorealistic landscapes. Life is too rich and there is too much inspiration to remain boxed in as a creator.

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Fine Art Canvas Giclée Prints

Our canvases are made in the U.S.A, using the latest printing technology and printed on premium artist-grade canvas. They are stretched onto a renewable forest, knot-free, solid pine frame. They’re hand-finished and fitted, with hanging fixtures and clear rubber bumpers to protect your wall.

Unframed canvases ship to you ready to hang. “Gallery wrapped” means the image, or solid black, extends around the edges of the canvas, creating a decorative effect so that you can enjoy the print without a frame.

If you choose a frame option, the frame is real wood and has a matte enamel finish. Frame depth is 1.75″. Each framed canvas is individually packaged in a shipping box.

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