Become a ShareGallery Test Location

We are actively seeking business owners and managers of hotels, restaurants, cafes and AirBNBs, with high-traffic, to become a ShareGallery test locations during our beta phase. Your business can earn passive income by displaying ShareGallery art when your customers scan and purchase a copy of the art for themselves. Note that while we are in beta, not all locations can be supported.

Please apply using this form. If approved, our team will work closely with you to set up your ShareGallery location. We look forward to meeting you.

How it Works

  1. Select art that works for your space
    Approved beta test locations can purchase art at a reduced cost.
  2.  Hang art with its ShareGallery QR code tag
    Your customers can scan the QR code to order prints for themselves.
  3. Share in the Revenue
    Earn 30% of sales that result from your customer’s scans