Distributed retail. Shared profits.

ShareGallery turns any space into a revenue-generating, shoppable showroom

  • Customers can buy what they see, anytime, anywhere.

  • Venues can earn passive income from their art, furnishing and decor

  • Each sale creates new revenue-sharing opportunities

Business Venues

Outfit your business with revenue-share enabled art, furnishings and decor you buy through ShareGallery and start earning passive income. Use the items normally. Customers can scan a QR code we provide to purchase a copy of the item for themselves. The items never leave your space.

Artists & Vendors

ShareGallery is a distributed retail platform that allows you to sell your items anywhere a customer encounters them—not just in traditional stores and showrooms. Enable revenue-sharing on your products to sell them anywhere.

ShareGallery is the first platform that lets buyers become sellers - offsetting their investment by turning their once idle walls and spaces into a new passive revenue stream.
-Lisa Lopuck
Co-Founder and CEO, ShareGallery, Inc.
Revenue sharing

Purchase, use and display rev-share enabled items at your place of business and earn passive income when your customers order copies of them.

Global fulfillment

Your items never leave your space. They are “shoppable samples.” ShareGallery and its vendors handle all shipping and fulfillment of your customer’s orders.

ShareGallery retrofitting

Our team can help you turn the existing art, decor and furnishings at your venue into shoppable items for your guests. Contact us today for an estimate.