Turn your space into a shoppable showroom

Maximize your space’s profits by
turning it into a shoppable showroom
Earn up to


in passive income

Earn up to 60% of the profit when your customers order a copy of the item for themselves.

Earn passive income from the stuff you buy anyway

Items you purchase through ShareGallery are a business. Our turn-key system turns what was once a cost center into a revenue generating profit center.

  • Purchase the items your business needs at wholesale prices and turn them into a new profit center.
  • Display the provided QR code that directs your customers to shop your online storefront.
  • Earn passive income when your customer scans and orders items for themselves.
  • Nothing leaves your space. Orders are drop shipped directly to your customer.
Shop curated collections to find the right look for your business

Need help selecting the right look? Save time searching for art and decor and shop curated collections from influencers and experts. Or let us connect you to a professional designer that can help you create the perfect look.

Monitor sales through the ShareGallery dashboard

Monitor the customer scans and the sales from each location and see which items perform the best. Configure your account and get paid automatically.

Enable revenue sharing on your art, furnishings and decor so they can be shoppable anywhere
An ever-growing, revenue-sharing network

ShareGallery is a “distributed retail” marketplace where your buyers become your showrooms. Buyers use and display your products at their Airbnbs, hotels, restaurants and cafes, and earn passive income when their customers place orders for themselves. The cycle continues with each new buyer—creating an ever-expanding network of revenue sharing opportunities for both you and your buyers.

Create a profile, onboard your items, and start selling!

Sign up for ShareGallery, create a profile, and send us your product catalog. We’ll onboard your art, furnishings, kitchen and bar ware, and decor and enable revenue sharing so that your buyers can become your sellers. Orders are sent to you for fulfillment directly to the consumer. For artists selling open edition, print-on-demand giclée prints, we can handle all printing and drop ship services.

Sell your items anywhere a customer sees them

ShareGallery’s “distributed retail” model lets anything be for sale anywhere a customer sees it—airports, hotels, short term rentals, Airbnbs, restaurants, bars, and cafes. No longer are sales “one and done.” Each new sale leads to more sales opportunities. The ShareGallery system is an endless loop, creating more and more venues where your items can be displayed and purchased.

Curate a collection of revenue-share enabled items, market to your following, earn passive income
Let your followers “shop your look” and earn revenue

Have a lot of followers or customers? Curate a collection of revenue-share items. Maybe a coastal look or maybe just things you like. Share the link with your followers and invite them to shop. Earn a share of the profit from each sale.

  • Create a new collection or two
  • Browse for items and favorite them
  • Add favorited items to the collections you made
Earn up to 60% of the profit. Get paid automatically.

Earn up to 60% of the profit on each sale within your curated collections. Orders are fulfilled by each respective vendor, so all you need to do is curate a cool collection of items and tell your social followers and customers to come shop. Log in to your ShareGallery dashboard to monitor your sales. Connect to Stripe to get paid automatically.

Get the word out
  • Tell your followers

    Post the ShareGallery link for your collection on social media so your followers can shop.

  • Tell your customers

    Place the QR code for your collection where your customers can see and scan it to shop.

  • Tell your guests

    Put the QR code for your collection in your short term rental, hotel, or restaurant. Put it on the menu.