Turn your walls into a gallery and share in the profits


Royalty on your ShareGallery sales

When customers come to your location and scan and buy the ShareGallery work you display, you retain 30% of the sale.

Buy a Fine Art Print. Buy a Business.

Fine art prints you purchase from ShareGallery are a business. Our turn-key system turns what was once a cost center into a profit center. Simply hang your ShareGallery print at your place of business along with the provided QR code tags and enjoy passive income when your customers see, scan, and purchase a print for themselves, earning you 30% of the sale. We handle fulfillment and payment so you can focus on your business.

Find the right bespoke look for your business.

ShareGallery attracts artists from all over the world. Find the right look for your business that’s unique—art that you cannot find anywhere else. Order art in a variety of sizes and finishes, even NFT art that you can display in digital frames.

Monitor sales through the ShareGallery dashboard

Set up a ShareGallery Location collection for each space you manage. Monitor the customer scans and the sales from each location and see which art performs the best.

An ever-growing gallery network

ShareGallery is a self-publishing art marketplace where your buyers become your galleries. Imagine buyers showcasing and reselling your work at their place of business—building an ever expanding network of venues for new customers to see and purchase your work.

Create a profile, upload your art, and start selling!

Create an artist profile, upload high-resolution images of your art, and start selling fine art prints and digital art NFTs. You keep 90% of each direct referral sale you generate, and otherwise keep 55–65% of sales from the ShareGallery system. We handle all the dropshipping and payments so you can focus on being creative. Track your sales and the locations of your art through the ShareGallery dashboard.

  • 90%

    Royalty on your direct referral

    Have an Instagram following or your own website? Direct your audience to your ShareGallery profile page for them to purchase prints or NFTs of your work. You retain 90% of each sale resulting from your direct referrals.

  • 60%

    Royalty on ShareGallery.com sales

    When customers come to ShareGallery.com and buy your work, you retain 60% of the sale. Once they receive your art, they can display it and use it to sell even more prints & NFTs of your work.

  • 60%

    Royalty from ShareGallery locations

    Your ShareGallery art, once displayed at a place of business, generates even more sales of your work. You retain 60% of all sales that occur at ShareGallery locations around the world.

Sell your art all over the world. Reach new customers.

Once your initial ShareGallery.com sale happens, more sales can follow. If your sold print goes into a public place, customers that see it are able to scan your work and buy a print for themselves. The ShareGallery cycle is an endless loop, creating more and more venues where your art can be displayed and purchased.